What my Clients Say

Joint Mobility

I would just like to say what a great help Josie as been to my general health within the last 2 years. I first started seeing Josie for my joint pains in august 2012, after reading her website. I had played squash for 30 years and coupled with arthritis, was in a bit of a mess.

To be honest, for the first year I was not convinced that the treatment was working and because of this, I would go for a few treatments, then have time off, not knowing I was doing more harm then good.

After thinking Swedish massage was the answer and having a further 3 months off going, I was in so much pain. I turned to Josie as a last hope. That was in August 2013.

I have been to see Josie just about every week up to press, and the transformation in my mobility as been quite staggering.

Where my hands would swell after driving for long distance, and knees would click, they are so smooth and mobile, its just wonderful.

Thanks to Josie I lead a near normal life and the wheelchair as been avoided.

If you have any doubts, don't, because believe me, it does work.


Fantastic Reflexology!

There is reflexology and then there is Josie's reflexology, it's like comparing a budding musician with Mozart. Josie has the most amazing gift and ability to use reflexology to enhance the well being of her clients in many ways, addressing various issues of pain and disco...mfort at physical, emotional and mental levels with her gifted reflexology techniques. Josie has an amazing gift to help people improve their well being on each of these levels with reflexology. It's important to find a practitioner who not only has great skills but also loves what they do, this is when the magic happens and great results achieved. Josie embodies these qualities and that's why I have continued to go to Josie for regular sessions over the past few years and benefitted enormously. Its truly amazing how sessions with Josie massaging my feet has helped other parts of my body and boosted my well being. As a Well Being Consultant and frequent traveller, I have experienced reflexology and other body work from many practitioners, located all over the world and Josie is at the top of my list for the most effective practitioner of any therapy that I've experienced.

Julie, 29/01/2013, http://www.beutifulyou.co.uk/

Blood Pressure & Irritable Bowel

I have been having Reflexology treatment from Josie for six years. Originally I started to have the treatment to see if it could help with my high blood pressure and irritable bowel symptoms and I believe that reflexology has definitely helped both these conditions. However these days I feel so much better that I simply visit Josie every month for the sheer pleasure of time 'just for me' in a very pleasant and relaxing environment. Josie always starts off a session by asking how you are and whether you have been unwell in any way during the preceding month. Occasionally, I have actually forgotten that I had had a cold, or a stomach bug, or just overdone some exercise, but things like that always show up in Reflexology and Josie will work on that particular area to rid you of the remains of the disorder. Whether you are looking for help with a particular ailment, or you simply want a treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed I fully recommend Reflexology with Josie to help you achieve your aims.

P.S 07/08/12

Success with Fertility Issues!

I can not recommend Josie enough. She is a lovely lady that makes you comfortable and at ease and is willing to go that extra mile to help you. I initially started to visit her for reflexology to help with fertility. I have PCOS and was receiving treatment on the NHS to help me and my husband conceive. After my 7th month of treatment with no success, I decided to try reflexology and had been told that Josie specialises in the fertility side aswell. Even after the 1st month I could see better results at the hospital, and we actually got caught on the 2nd cycle of visiting Josie. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and still go for normal reflexology. What helps is that Josie is very affordable which means I can go regularly and see the benefits, rather than going when i can afford it, but less often and undoing the good work that she does. I am so glad that I found her and will be eternally grateful to her for helping us get the best gift that we could wish for.


Help with Breathing Disorders

For the past 15 years I have visited Josie for my reflexology treatments. I was approached by Josie during her training as I was a severe asthmatic and had had several hospital admittances. Attending reflexology turned out to be the best decision I ever made, it turned my active life around as my breathing was so restricted that I did not lead a normal life throughout my teenage years and early 20’s.I spent many an evening on a nebuliser struggling to get my breath, I was on oral steroids, inhaler steroids and a ventolin inhaler(which I took several times daily) If I got a cold I would always get a chest infection and it would debilitate me completely. I never went anywhere without a bag full of inhalers and I never had a full nights sleep.Although not an instant transformation, through a build up of treatments and being taught valuable breathing techniques, I can honestly say I am now a changed person. I have one inhaler in my bag but I do not use it. I haven’t used my nebuliser in 10 years and I haven’t been in hospital since 1997. I can control my breathing, and only take a low dose of my steroid inhaler, once in an evening.I have only had a few occasions where I have known that my asthma is still ‘there’ and only being controlled but it is being controlled. If I miss seeing Josie it is apparent in my breathing, and although I can now go longer in-between my treatments, I do not want to miss them as they are ultimately relaxing and enjoyable, whilst being extremely beneficial.I am now 37 years old and I have had two beautiful children, had two perfectly natural births and my breathing was amazingly ‘normal’. This was more than I could ever have hoped for.Josie’s reflexology has been a life changing treatment for me and although not a cure for asthma it is the next best thing. I cannot thank her enough.


General help!

I have been going to Josie for about 18 months now, after recommendation from my step daughter. I knew nothing about reflexology or how it worked. At the time I was not in a good place emotionally, physically or spiritually. I was in constant pain due to endometrioses, painful bladder syndrome, prolapsed bowel and also suffer from asthma. I was tired, depressed and tearful. I was apprehensive at first as I didn’t know what to expect and was really worried I would be ticklish. I needn’t have worried, Josie is very down to earth, friendly, caring, very passionate about what she does and highly professional.The treatments have had such an impact on me and my life with significant relief to my symptoms. I feel renewed due to pain reduction and increased energy. My stress levels have diminished and I have been able to reduce my medication for pain relief and inhaler use for asthma, I’m so much happier now. Josie has also been using crystals to balance my chakras after treatments. I could go on and on about the dramatic changes I have felt since starting the treatments, I just cannot say enough about Josie and her reflexology, I am hooked!Thanks for all your help and support Josie


Success with Fertility Issues!
I found josie exceeded my expectation in reflexology and worked in many areas. I came to josie for one specific reason and Josie had found many areas that did need working on, I felt better and revived after the treatments. On a personal level I found she really went out of her way to help, as for reflexology there is a lot to say in the way it works. I have recommended some friends who have continued to see Josie as well as I have. I highly recommend anyone to keep an open mind. Me and my husband have struggled to have children and went through treatment, with Josie's help we succeeded on first attempt to have a child. I have also recommended reflexology to a friend who has been trying for child for a while. I found Josie made my feel very comfortable and relaxed and I look forward to each treatment.

Back and Digestive problems

A friend recommended Josie to me 2 years ago following my complaints of back and stomach pains. I was nervous and a little sceptical before my first treatment, mainly because I had no knowledge of reflexology or of how it worked. Josie reassured me from the beginning. She told me what feelings I might experience during the treatment and generally put me at ease. I found reflexology really helped with both my back and my stomach and I have had regular fortnightly treatments ever since. I also find it a lovely way of relaxing. My partner also has regular treatments now to help with his back and so it is not a treatment just for girls, but everybody. Thank you Josie!


Treatments during Pregnancy

I found the Reflexology sessions very beneficial throughout my pregnancies. It helped me to relax, helped with backache and heartburn. I have continued to have sessions with Josie and I am still seeing benefits. I would recommend Josie at Blissfeet.


Help with Hormonal Imbalances

I have been going to Josie for quite a few years now. I was recommended to go and I’d no idea what to expect . I had been suffering with spotting for over a year and after a few visits to Josie they gradually stopped. I’ve not had a period for 2 years! Going through the menopause seems quite easy at the moment so I would highly recommend a visit to Blissfeet to anyone. It is so relaxing, I have regular visits every 2 weeks, just because it’s worth it!!